one day cruise from Athens

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1 Day
daily - all year round
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one of the most interesting and popular sightseeings from Athens offering a panoramic view to 3 of the most charming Greek Islands

- 08.15 Departure from Piraeus (Athens) port

- 2 hours at sea [Piraeus-Poros]

- 10.15 Disembark at Poros

- 50 minutes on Poros island

- 1h and 15’ at sea  [Poros-Hydra]

- 1H 30’ on Hydra island

- 2 hours at sea [Hydra -Aegina]

- stay on Aegina island

- 19.15 back to Piraeus, port of Athens

Departure Gate: 
Athens One Day Cruise starts from the Port of Piraeus. Gates E1- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE CRUISE : Upon your embarkation the cruise ship staff will offer you a warm welcome while the ship’s band will celebrate the start of the cruise with fine music The ship sails at 08.15 a.m destination three [3] of the most charming islands of the Argosaronic. After almost 2 hours of cruising the ship arrives to Poros which is the smallest island among the 3 visited. You cross a narrow channel separating the island with Peloponnese. This part is one of the highlights of the cruise because it offers a great view and the possibility to take amazing pictures The stay on Poros island will last 50 minutes. After leaving Poros the cruisers that have chosen to have lunch with the 1st group will enjoy a rich meal offered by the ship’s chef. After one hour and 15 minutes [1h 15’] the ship enters Hydra’s port. This is one of the most charming islands. Many have fallen in love with this island such as Onasis or the Canadian poet and resident of the island since the 60’s Leonard Cohen. So don’t miss the opportunity to watch the view while the ship enters the port . One of the special things about Hydra is the there are no cars allowed on the island and the transportation is made by donkeys. You can pay a local donkey ride and discover the narrow streets of the island . You will have one and a half hour [1h 30’] at your disposal to enjoy Hydra, wonder around, drink a coffee or swim into the crystal clear waters. After coming back to the ship passengers that have chosen to have lunch with the 2nd group will enjoy their meal. The ship’s band together with a funny comedian will make you laugh for sure during their show. Right after your meal the ship’s dancers will teach you the secrets of Greek dances and will invite you to be part of this spontaneous party. The cruising time up until Aegina is 2 hours and thanks to the cruise ship’s staff this will seem lasting like for a moment. Aegina is the largest island visited during this cruise. There are 3 options on Aegina island; 1/ take an optional, guided shore excursion to Afaias temple which is of the same period that Parthenon was constructed. 2/ take an optional ,guided shore excursion and enjoy an island tour *above shore excursions are booked and payed extra on board 3/ remain in Aegina town , stroll around and enjoy the neoclassical architecture of the oldest houses and do a little shopping buying a small souvenir for your friends. During the end of the cruise the ship’s dancers and the comedian will fire up the party together with ship’s staff altogether creating a unique and warm atmosphere. The ship sails back returning to Piraeus at 19.15 E2 – Aghios Dionysios- In front of the Building of Marine Ministry (Greek pronunciation "Ipourgio Naftilias")