Top 5 island destinations in Greece

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Greece is definitely a summer, holiday destination. Mainland Greece is wonderful but the Greek islands are just great and attract the majority of visitors, visiting the country. Below we offer a brief countdown of the best Greek islands, according to visitors’ feedback and of course our personal experience:

The island of mythical Odysseus, Homer’s hero, from his work, “Iliade”, one of early samples of Greek poetry. Ithaki island is really a magic destination. The nature is virgin, turquoise seas, great beaches, serenity and hospitable people create a zen atmosphere for travelers who wish to relax, recover from stress and busy life. Local taverns offer delicious Greek food at very low prices.

4. Syros
 Not very well known, but Syros is one of the most charming Greek islands. Within few hours from Piraeus (Athens port), Syros island offers a mix of great architecture, art spaces, museums and one of the most beautiful capital towns (Ermoupoli). Ermoupoli’s landscape witnesses the old glory and wealth, coming mostly by local Greek ship-owners from the previous century.

3. Hydra
What can we say about this small island! Quality is omnipresent, in people, businesses and services. Lovely local architecture, crystal clear sea, distinguished visitors create a wonderful experience. On this island no vehicles are allowed. Humble donkeys and bicycles assure transportations. 

2. Mykonos
Mykonos is the most vibrant island offering a variety of things to do. From ongoing beach parties to elegant restaurants, minimal architecture, lovely people and excellent service, Mykonos is an island that you can not forget, inviting you to visit it again and again. Definitely an addiction! The island became “en vogue” when Aristoteles Onasis and famous people of his times started visiting Mykonos and spreading its charm over the world.

1. Santorini
Santorini ranks first in our list. The reason is it’s rare and unique features. This is not only one of the most characteristic Cycladic islands but in addition it is literally carved on a hill offering unique views, perhaps the most impressive sunset and a fascinating history dating back thousands of years. Santorini island is unique and has been voted among top 100 travel destinations of the world !




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