Travel in Greece: 12 months, 12 destinations

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Travel in Greece - The ideal destination for every month:


Kastoria: Seductive paths in winter scenery

Christmas holidays just ended and your mood for change is more pronounced than at any other time. Winter destinations are the first of your wishlist. The cold is felt and "want" your shout fireplace, spa and winter scenes. Proper town for January is Kastoria. Kastoria combines beautiful winter scenery with the peace and serenity of the lake of Orestiada and relax in one of the traditional inns or hotels - spa. Why January? Because then you have the opportunity to take part in a crazy festival that takes place, the Ragoutsaria. For those who do not know, Ragoutsaria carnival is celebrated from 6 to 8 January and are the revival of the ancient Dionysian rites. According to locals, the feasibility of the festival is to forget the troubles of the year. The streets are filled with enthusiasm, vibrancy, color and of course …wine! Experience the revival of an ancient custom and have fun with the melody of bronze or relax at the sight of the lake and modern spa facilities.


Xanthi: Τhe love, the spree and the picturesque alleys

The second month of the year encompasses the events of Valentine, carnivals and the three days of carnival (February 23). Τhe carnival costumes, sting your eyes, the traditional snacks can cause your appetite and choosing only one destination seems at least difficult. Xanthi invites you; not only for the frantic carnival but also for its picturesque streets and the romantic old town. Combine a romantic weekend with your mate, with a party that will remember for a long time. The “Clean Monday” is a unique experience in Xanthi as incurred events of Moutzourodefteras in Polysito and feasting on soup to Abdera, which mark the beginning of Lent. From each side Xanthi meet the high expectations of February. Get in the rhythm of the city!


Meteors: Between heaven and earth

As the March mediates between Halloween and Easter, characterized by fasting and contrition and is suitable for relaxing excursions that will boost the climate of the time and will fill you up with energy and memorable moments. Fill your eyes with the beauty and the grandeur of Meteora. It is the best destination for March, either for religious tourism in the monasteries of the region or just to enjoy the rare geological phenomenon of Meteora, nature and the surrounding region of Kalambaka. The remaining monasteries of Meteora are built on the tops of the rocks and are the second most important monastic complex in Greece after Mount Athos. This period will have the opportunity to watch one of the functions of Easter in a monastery in Meteora and to experience the solemnity and awe of the moment and the place.


Corfu: Background of the green and blue of the Ionian

By entering the spring, the temperature rises by the day. The Orthodox Easter offered for the April trip. The ideal destination for this month is Corfu. The events of Corfu Easter beginning on "Palm Sunday", and keep all the "Holy Week", culminating in the first resurrection (the morning of Holy Saturday) and the Resurrection in the Upper Square. The first week of glorious celebration of Corfu Easter closes with pilgrimage-festival of Zoodochos Pigi in Paleokastritsa. Combine celebrating the greatest festival of the Orthodox Church with your visit on a beautiful island with special traditions; the best time to visit Corfu!


Nafplion: Fragrant routes in history

The May starts with the Labour Day and spring wreath. Weather invites you to get out of the house, to enjoy the beautiful and fragrant days for an excursion. It is one of the most beautiful times to visit Nafplio. The beautiful and historic city is ideal for walks in the beautiful alleys, searches for historical as well as a dose of summer with the pleasant scent of spring.


Crete: “Feel” the summer sun

It is the first month of the summer and the islands begin to receive their first tourists. The first stops on nearby beaches are fact and plans for a memorable Greek summer take shape. Now is the time to embodiments that trip to Crete. The climate is mild all year round and June is already warm and ideal for holidays in the south of Greece, where the beautiful Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion and Agios Nikolaos are waiting to welcome you in. The Cretan hospitality, wonderful food, the beautiful beaches are all in the same place. With prices low regarding accommodation and tickets, June is perfect to embodiments of the multi-day relaxing summer vacation. Raise a glass of raki from various parts of Crete and cheers!


Mykonos: Wildl parties and traditional festivals

July is the heart of summer. The routine ceases to exist and the pace of the summer has intensity and name, the name of this? Mykonos! Greece has countless options for islands but in Mykonos you will find the most spectacular party than anywhere else at this time period. People around the world enjoy the hot sun, the Aegean sea and international music while not a few the festivals and the cultural events in the same month. A mix of culture and civilization of people is waiting to make your summer even more unique.


Santorini: Full moon and sunsets

The month of romance and relaxation. The great Orthodox feast of the 15th of August is celebrated in every town and village in Greece. The countless events, festivals, concerts, festivals and celebrations do not stop. But August belongs to Santorini. Great poets have sung its praises, a 4.000 year old history. And the eternal rock continues to stand, strong and majestic, rising proudly from the sea and guarding well the secrets of Atlantis… The island has stolen the heart of every visitor. Its name is synonymous with romance and the Greek islands beauty.


Syros: Beautiful walks in the picturesque island

Although Syros belongs to the Cyclades islands, its architecture is more Medieval than Cycladic. The capital of Syros Island, Ermoupolis, distinguishes for the elegant Venetian mansions, the picturesque quarter of Vaporia, the large churches and the impressive Neoclassical buildings, such as the Town Hall and Apollo Theatre in the central square. The beaches of Syros Greece are nice and relaxing especially for September. The island is ideal for families and couples looking for romantic holidays. Syros holidays can be combined with many other Greek islands, because it serves as a ferry transportation hub in the Aegean.


Thessaloniki: Cultural call

The colors are changing, the days grow shorter, scenery becomes more dramatic the month of October. Something makes us this month and we want to focus on ourselves, in our personal development, in letters and in culture. The best city to find yourself in October is undoubtedly Thessaloniki. The bride of Thermaikos will pique your interest because of the feast of the patron saint (Saint Dimitrios, October 26), the great parade of October 28 and the Film Festival that begins at the end of the month. If you want to live your own short film at New Beach, the harbor, Ladadika then you have than to succumb to the charm of Thessaloniki.


Athens: Exit the routine

A little cold, a little bit to all captured in November, looking for action. There is no better city than Athens. The capital has its own pace, a little more intense, faster, something that will surely stimulate. Every day on the streets, in the squares, in the cafe, the bar takes something different. The events taking place in Athens are hundreds, so it definitely will need a plan of action. An event that is definitely worth watching in November in the capital city is the Athens Marathon.


Drama: The tale begins

The month that everyone adores. The lights shine in your eyes, the glitter sticks to your clothes and not understand why the smile more often pops in your face. One of the most beautiful times of the year, you want to live it in the most magical way. One is the destination, Drama. The reason unknown, the magnificent "Dreamland" now is the most special Christmas village in Greece. Forward to the North, "live the fairy tale" in your drama!




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