Alexandria port- El Alamein Tour

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This special interest shore excursion from Alexandria port will take you to the historical site of El Alamein, spot of the great battle during World War II. Visit the Military Museum and the cemeteries of Commonwealth and discover first hand one of the most imporant moments of the recent history of human kind

Your shore excursion begins from Alexandria port and you will be headed to the site of El Alamein, the spot of the great battle during World War II. During the battle the Allied forces stopped the second (and final) advance of the Axis forces into Egypt. You will visit the Military Museum , where the group will be guided and get informed about the significance and history of the battle. Many weapons used during the battle are exhibited in the museum. The next stop is scheduled at the cemeteries of the Commonwealth, where many soldiers participated the battle are resting today and monuments are raised to their memories as well. The participants will also have the opportunity of visiting briefly the Italian and German cemeteries. 


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