Bulgaria Shore Excursions - Country: Bulgaria

Bulgaria, situated in Eastern Europe, facing the Black Sea,has been for centuries a crossroad of civilizations. Below follows a list of Bulgarian Shore Excursions from the two main cruise ports of the country: Nessebar (or Nessebur)and Varna. Browse our sightseeing tours from ports and choose among a collection of half day and full day excursions.
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Nessebar Old Town Highlights
Duration: 2.5 hours
Code: NES 1

Follow us to this shore excursion and discover in every detail the charming city of Nessebar. Browse the small alleys and follow our guide to the exploration of the old town, visit the landmarks of the city and learn its history dating back 9000 years!

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Folklore Performance
Duration: 4.5 hours
Code: NES 2

Book this tour from Nessebar port and you will not only discover the city of Nessebar with its charming old town but you will also have the opportunity to watch a unique folklore performance of local, traditional dances

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Glimpse into Bulgarian Village life with lunch
Duration: 5.5 hours
Code: NES 3

if you are the kind of traveller who wants to discover first hand how everyday life of a destination is, this is definetely your shore tour. Follow our guide to the village of Erketch were telephone still is a rare comodity and after your tour sample handmade bread and watch local dances

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Secrets of Pomorie
Duration: 6.5 hours
Code: NES 4

Discover the seaside town of Pomorie and visit the Bulgarian Museum of Salt Production, the monastery of Saint George with its magestic orthodox choir and a Thracian tomb dating back from the ancient times

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Tour to Nessebar
Duration: 7 hours
Code: VAR 1

Take this shore tour from Varna port and visit one of the oldest towns of Europe, Nessebar with its unique old town with several samples of rare architecture. Browse the small cobblestone streets and discover colorful cafes and charming craft and art shops, downtown and in waterfront areas

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Tour Varna & Museum of Art & History
Duration: 4 hours
Code: VAR 2

Book this shore excursion to Varna one of the largest and most interesting cities of Bulgaria. Visit the Archaeological Museum, the Assumption Cathedral and enjoy the performancesof a spectacular Orthodox choir and a group of folklore dancers.

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Tour Varna & Madara Horseman
Duration: 5.5 hours
Code: VAR 3

Marvel  the famous Madara Horseman carved into a hillside and visit city's highlights. Immerse yourself in local traditions and lifestyle. Explore Varna's highlights and visit a family in their home during this tour from port.

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Varna Tour and Roman Baths
Duration: 4 hours
Code: VAR 4

Explore the ancient Baths, the largest Roman ruins in Bulgaria. Tour the Ethnographic Museum and experience a glimpse of Varna through a sightseeing drive along its tree-lined boulevards. View the Sea Garden and stroll through the halls of the Roman thermal baths

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Easy Varna
Duration: 3.5 hours
Code: VAR 5

This shore excursion from Varna's port is especially designed for those who prefer an easygoing tour involving little walk, city sightseeing and performances by local artists and dancers.

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Black Sea Riviera with Balchik
Duration: 7 hours
Code: VAR 6

This excursion reveals the very best of the Black Sea Riviera by taking you to two of its most famous resorts – Balchik and Golden Sands.

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