Athens Culinary tour on foot

3.5 hours approx
From Monday to Friday (April - October)
10:00a.m. - 13:30p.m. approx
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a walk through the tastes of Athens. If you want to taste real Greece you should buy this tour. You will not only savor samples of Greek food but you shall also have the opportunity to walk through Athens accompanied by an experienced, licensed guide

This tour is a gastronomic adventure through the “off-beat” places of central Athens. The tour includes food tasting from several food shops, gourmet stops and the visit of a biological food market, all taking place to one of the old neighbourhoods of Athens. The group meets at Korai street and goes through a passage of colours, smells and sounds which will enchant your senses. 

Stalls and stands covered with goods are situated along the way and to both sides of the street. Fresh aromatic fruits, plumy vegetables and well-baked loafs are placed in array while visiting the central market of Athens. You will also find pastry shops offering traditional Greek sweets with crème and honey. You will profit of our guide’s explanations on the food you will see along the way and get informed about their qualities and their place in the Mediterranean cuisine, which considered the most healthy and tasty. 



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