City tour to Rhodes (old) & Butterflies Valley

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a nature lovers delight, this shore excursion combines not only the history of the island but also a visit to a rare natural park full of butterflies

A magnificent walled city built during the period of the Knights of St. John the Baptist’ (14c. AD) and on the other side of the port is the part of the city of Rhodes which we will visit first.

Early in the morning, the city is still sleeping, before the hustle and bustle of its’ inhabitants bring it back to life.  Walking over dry moats, through the cobbled streets and gates dating back to the 16th c. AD, we make our way to the Grand Masters’ Palace, for a memorable visit of half an hour.  The Palace was rebuilt during the Italian period of the Island and  holds such treasures as mosaics, statues and furniture dating from the 4th c. BC  to the 16th c. AD.  The guided tour through the city continues down the famous Street of the Knights called ‘IPPOTON STREET’ and ends by the ‘Hospital of the Knights’ dating back to the 15 c. AD.   Our bus will be waiting nearby to drive us through the modern part of the city including the picturesque harbour of Mandraki, with its’ new market ‘ NEA AGORA’,the Post Office, the Cathedral and the site where the Colossos of Rhodes  (one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the Ancient Word’) was once thought to have stood,.  We will then head to the ancient Acropolis of Rhodes, where the columns of the ‘God Protector’ Apollo still stand since the Hellenistic period!!.  We also see the city of Rhodes below as we descend towards the West coast and continue south west through the area of Ialyssos (one of the three ancient city-states of the Island) and through other small scenic villages until we reach the beautiful gorge where we will find the famous butterflies of Rhodes.  On arrival you will have the opportunity to enjoy the tranquillity and watch thousands of butterflies clinging to the tree trunks or flying around you trying to find a place to rest.  Their short life of only one year is a continuous struggle, and only in this valley as they are being protected from birds and other natural enemies do they find the ideal place to mate.  After three days of mating only the females are destined to leave the mating grounds  and fly to their birthplace where they will lay their eggs and peacefully die.

Upon request, after a short bus ride of approximately half an hour back to the city before returning to the port, a stop can be made by the Marina Gate and its’ impressive  twin towers for those who wish to spend more time in the Old Town. 


-         transportation by deluxe, air-conditioned vehicle, late-model

(bus, minibus or taxi, based on your group’s size)

-         professional driver

-         insurance cover during transfers by vehicle

-         licensed English-speaking guide * (concerns “transfer+guide” option only)

-         all taxes

-         identification sign with your name on it

-         mobile contact number for any emergency, available 24/7


* guides in other languages available, upon request



-         entrance fees

Step 1

Your tour starts from Rhodes port

Step 2

Visit of the Grand Masters Palace and the medieval part of the city of Rhodes

Step 3

Drive through the modern part of the city

Step 4

Arrival at the gorge and the butterflies’ valley. Return to the Old town with a stop at the Marina Gate for a glimpse on the twin towers

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