Heraklion, Tour to Knossos Palace, Archanes Village & Winery

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4.5 hours

from 60 €

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this tour starting from Heraklion port offers the maximum variety of sightseeings in 4.5 hours only. Discover Crete's highlight, Knossos Palace, enjoy a wine tasting in local winery and explore the traditional village of Archanes

Enter the coach and take a drive of approximately 20’ to arrive in Knossos. During this tour you will be taken back 4.000 years to the time of the oldest civilization in Europe. The Minoan Palace of Knossos, centre of the Minoan Civilization, will leave you breathless as you wonder over the technology and facilities of that period.

After Knossos take a drive through the famous wine-country south of Heraklion you will pass vineyards being there since the Minoan period and so your first stop will be at a modern winery to see nowadays procedure of wine production and to taste as well the Cretan wines.

Your drive continues through villages to Archanes, the municipality in the area. On the way a photo stop is made in Vathypetro, one of the oldest farmhouses of Crete, belonging to the Minoan period 16th century BC, with a ceramic feet wine press.

The tour continues through the island’s hilly countryside, filled since 4000 years, with the olives orchards and most famous vineyards, before arriving at the village of Archanes, just 10 km south of Knossos palace. A market town nestled in the broad upland east of Mount Juchtas, the God Zeus has been immortalized in the profile you see etched against the clear blue Cretan skies. You will stop in this beautiful village with many restored sandstone houses from the Turkish period and an inviting square with high shady trees, for a sampling of Cretan food and drink. Locally produced wine and snacks will be available among the village’s quaint setting.

After having tasted the world famous, for its benefits, Cretan cuisine, drive back to Heraklio and your ship.


-         transportation by deluxe, air-conditioned vehicle, late-model

(bus, minibus or taxi, based on your group’s size)

-         professional driver

-         insurance cover during transfers by vehicle

-         licensed English-speaking guide * (concerns “with guide” price only)

-         all taxes

-         identification sign with your name on it

-         mobile contact number for any emergency, available 24/7


* guides in other languages available, upon request



-         entrance fees

-         winery fees


ü       Refreshment facilities are available at the restaurant in Archanes.

ü       Bathroom facilities are available at the restaurant in Archanes and in the winery

ü       Shopping: in the village centre, around the square and in side streets are local shops selling their products for daily living.

Step 1

Your tour starts from Heraklion port

Step 2

Visit of the important archaeological site of Knossos

Step 3

Visit of a modern winery 

Step 4

Drive through the villages with a photo stop made in Vathypetro, one of the oldest farmhouses of Crete

Step 5

Visit of the beautiful village of Archanes where you can taste the traditional Cretan cuisine

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