Port Said -Medieval Cairo Tour

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The tour starts from Port Said and the bus is heading to Cairo in order to visit the Giza plateau where the Great Pyramid of Giza, the landmark of Egypt, stands. You will stop at the Necropolis to take impressive photos of the pyramids and then you will visit the Chephren’s Pyramid and you will have time to admire the details of the ancient Egyptian architecture. You will also have the chance to see the Statue of the mysterious Sphinx, whose expression gave birth to the myth of the enigmas posed to the travellers who were passing by the Sphinx during ancient times.

You will continue your tour by boat and travel over the great river Nile. On board of the cruise you will be able to enjoy a lunch from a deluxe buffet and also a folklore show.

Afterwards, you will disembark the cruise and follow your guide to a visit at Ibn Touloun Mosque, built by Al Amir Ahmed Ibn Touloun, one of the biggest and most important mosques in Cairo. It is famous for its minarets, the exceptional architecture and the interior decoration.

The tour goes on to the Gayer Anderson Museum which includes the private collection of Major Gayer-Anderson, a wealthy British officer, and also numerous pieces of characteristic domestic ottoman decoration:  furniture, glassware, crystal, carpets, silks and traditional Arab costumes.

Then, you can follow your guide to a shopping tour through the buzzing medieval street of Khan El Khalili Bazaar. The exotic colour and smells will transfer you to the 14th century and you can watch a live bargain between local shop keepers and costumers. You can find shopping offers for traditional clothing, aromatic spices, gold plated artefacts and also leather and wooden hand- made pieces.

The day will end with a guided sightseeing at the papyrus Institute, where you will discover the art of papyrus production and elaboration. You can also buy souvenirs before the departure for the ship


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