Port Suez -Medieval Cairo Tour

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During this tour you will discover the mystery and beauty of Medieval Cairo. You will depart from Suez port and make the first stop at the Giza Nekropolis . From the western plateau , you will be able to enjoy the view to the three great pyramids and take unique photos. You will have free time to explore the site around the base of Chephren’s Pyramid. Later, you will be driven to the Sphinx , the landmark of Egypt, whose enigmatic expression gave birth to the myth of posing enigmas to the travellers.

The next part of your trip will be on water. You will embark on a traditional river boat, felucca, and glide along river Nile. The lunch will be served on board and belly dancers will entertain you as you eat.

After the cruise, you will visit Ibn Touloun Mosque, a very interesting venue of Cairo , founded by Al Amir Ahmed Ibn Touloun. It is a great example of Islamic architecture and you can admire the impressive interior carved decoration while you walk through its corridors.

Next stop is the Gayer Anderson Museum, a representative example of twin houses , famous in Egypt, built by a British army officer. The museum is full of domestic decorative items that create an original atmosphere of the past.

Afterwards, you will be driven to the Khan El Khalili Bazaar, a colourful market located inside a medieval arcade. The market is famous for clothing, spices, traditional jewellery and perfumes.

You can enjoy shopping and watch the locals bargaining.

The last visit is scheduled for the Papyrus Institute and there you will learn about the art of papyrus , a writing material used by Egyptians during ancient times. Papyrus is known for its unique texture and quality. You will also have time for shopping souvenirs. End of the tour and return to the ship. 

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