Private, 7-Day Cruise, to the Greek Islands by Catamaran

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7days/6 nights
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offer yourself the dream, a private cruise by catamaran to some of the most well known and off-beat greek islands. Swim in the middle of Aegean, benefit of isolated beaches, explore the history and traditions through organized shore excursions. A trip that you'll remember forever

Day 1

17.00 leave Athens (Alimos Marina) and sail to Kea (or Tzia) an off-beat, less discovered island of Aegean. The capital of the island Loulis is situated on a hill due to the fear of pirates in the past. The town and largest villages Korisia (port) and Vourkari are charming settlements mostly with neoclassical buildings- Overnight Kea

Day 2

Today we sail to Kythnos, an island of 100 km shoreline with great, crystal clear waters. Kythnos has barely 676 permanent inhabitants and its history stretches back to the Mesolithic era. The castle of Orias and Katafiki cave are some of the highlights of the island- Overninght Kythnos

Day 3

We continue our exploration to Syros, capital island of Cyclades and most populated. All though this is the largest island during our cruise you will be charmed by the beauty of Neoclassical homes and the wealth of Syros, mostly coming from shipping. Syros is also a cultural destination with many ongoing art exhibitions and cultural events- Overnight Syros

Day 4

Today we visit Mykonos, perhaps the most well known Greek island. This destination of the international Jet Set offers everything: quite and vibrating beaches with ongoing beach parties, crystal clear waters, haute cuisine restaurants, a fascinating island town to explore, shopping options and unlimited nightlife- Overnight Mykonos

Day 5

We continue on to Tinos. Centrally situated among the other Cycladic islands, Tinos is well known for its cathedral, Panagia Evangelistra, a holy church for the Greek orthodox community.

Tinos offers great, unspoiled beaches, such as Kolibithra. Dovecotes (tiny fortresses) and about 80 windmills are some of the interesting points of the island- Overnight Tinos

Day 6

Today we return for an extra day in Kea. You shall enjoy the peace and great beaches of the island at your own pace, relax under the Cycladic sun or, if you wish, visit with your cruise fellows a local taverna to savor the original recipes of the island. Overnight Kea

Day 7

Its time to return to Athens..(09.00).It is a pity after this exciting exploration of the Aegean islands, one of the top travel destinations in the world. But don’t worry. An extension of your package can be offered in Athens after your cruise (or before) to explore the Greek capital that has marked the western civilization – End of Cruise (Athens- Alimos Marina)


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