Durres Shore Excursions - Port: Durres

Durres is the second largest city of Albania and serves as calling port for the cruise ships visiting Tirana and the surrounding region. From Durres port you can have a shore excursion to Tirana, the capital of the country as well tours to other places of interest as Kruja and Berat
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Tour to Tirana the Capital of Albania
Duration: 5 hours
Code: DUR 1

Take a shore tour from Durres port to Tirana proclaimed capital of Albania since 1920. Visit the National Historic Museum and the Gallery of Arts and discover the city and its history, remaining unknown for many of us until today

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from 81 €

Tour to Kruja the old capital & Tirana, the new Albanian Capital
Duration: 10 hours
Code: DUR 2

Book this shore excursion and meet the past and present of the Albanian history through a guided tour to the old and new capitals of the nation

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from 103 €

Tour to Berat, Unesco Town
Duration: 11.5 hours
Code: DUR 3

Take this tour from Durres port and visit Burat, a 2.400 years old town with fascinating history to discover. Explore the Onufri Museum, the old churches and Mosques of the the town and Alvetti Tekke after a delicious lunch with local flavors 

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from 119 €