Livorno Shore Excursions - Port: Livorno

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Florence On Your Own, Full Day Tour
Duration: 9.5 hours
Code: LIV 1

Under an organized, escorted transfer, discover at your own pace the alluring and artistic city of Florence.

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Florence La Bella Full Day Tour
Duration: 10 hours
Code: LIV 2

Discover the Florence through a day visit to its most famous niches; walk on known piazzas and cross its bridges sharing the interesting stories of your private guide.

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Florence and Pisa Tour
Duration: 10.5-11 hours
Code: LIV 3

Combine into one your visits to Italy’s cultural nest , Florence and Italy landmark, Piza tower; get ready to feel allured and amazed.

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A Taste of Florence
Duration: 10 hours
Code: LIV 4

Through a drive in the Tuscan countryside, end up in the city of Florence and get to know within a few hours this precious gem of Italy that has been nesting culture and fine arts for years.

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Florence and Chianti Castle Full Day Tour
Duration: 10 hours
Code: LIV 5

A combination of sites promising great satisfaction of your eyes, soul and taste! The renowned city of Florence, the impossing castle of Greve and the Mediterranean wine gourmand delicacies are the components of this shore excursion.

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Leaning Tower of Pisa Half Day Tour
Duration: 3.5 hours
Code: LIV 6

Select this excursions to get to know one of the most famous landmarks of Italy, the leaning tower of Pisa and it’s religious center. The surroundings and architecture are sure to impress you.

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Lucca Half Day Tour
Duration: 5 hours
Code: LIV 7

Napoleon, was back then enhanced by this region and offered it as a present to his beloved sister. Lucca, with its countryside villas and its fine city part is certainly worth visiting.

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Lucca, Villa Lucchese and Wine Tasting
Duration: 9 hours
Code: LIV 8

Devote just a few hours to experience Tuscan to its very essence. the city of Lucca, a typical farmhouse visit and your wandering in Villa Torrigiani gather the taste of real Tuscan.

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Tuscan Countryside and Wine Tasting
Duration: 4.5 hours
Code: LIV 9

Select this excursion for an authentic Tuscan wine experience; from A – the very wine yards- to Z – the cellars saving and the tasting of yearlong efforts. 

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Discovering the Five Lands
Duration: 9 hours
Code: LIV 10

The beautiful area of the Cinque Terre (Five Villages) is declared and protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage site; what may interest you more though, is that all this region, offers a incredible landscape view surely worth visiting…..  

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