Sokhna port-Camel and Jeep Safari

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The tour departs from Sokhna port and you will be driven to Cairo, the modern metropolis of Egypt. Firstly , you will have the opportunity of visiting the Western plateau of Giza and see the Great Pyramids, landmarks of Egypt and symbols of a great powerful past. From the western plateau can see the three great pyramids, tombs of Kings Kephren , his son and his grandson. Your bus will make a stop by the pyramid of Kephren and free time will be allocated there. Your next visit is at the statue of Sphinx  , carved in one piece of stone. The statue is formed in one figure of both lion and man.

After the sightseeing among the pyramids, you will depart through Sakkara desert by air-conditioned jeeps towards to the meeting point where a camel caravan is waiting. You will get on the camels and enjoy a typical ride through desert. The caravan drivers will lead you in a truly unique experience as you feel the slow pace of the camel and the desolation of the surrounding area. You will stop at Sakkara Country club to take you lunch and rest for a while.

Afterwards , you will get on the bus again that will lead at Ancient Egyptian capital, Memphis. There you will visit the famous pyramid of Zoser which is a step pyramid, an earlier type of pyramid, used as a tomb for King Djoser.

Later, you will be driven back to Cairo in order to visit the Papyrus institute and learn a lot about the art of producing writing material out of cane located ashore of the Nile. There you can buy original souvenirs. Return to the ship, end of tour.

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