Sokhna port-Medieval Cairo

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Begin your tour from Sokhna port by bus and you will reach your first stop, Cairo , in order to marvel the magnificent remaining of the ancient Egyptian world, the Great Pyramid of Giza, located at the Nekropolis. You will halt at Giza plateau to take photos of the pyramids and then continue for a visit at the Pyramid of Chephren. You will have free time there to explore the place. You will also stop next to the Great Sphinx, a monumental monolithic statue that dominates the site with its mysterious figure.

Later, you will embark on a traditional river boat, a felucca, and sail through the Nile while admiring the shores of Cairo. You lunch will be served on board and you will be pleasantly surprised by a traditional folkloric dance show.


Afterwards, you will visit Ibn Touloun Mosque , the oldest mosque in the city which is witnessing the power of Islam. It is very famous for its outside winding minaret and also for the impressive interior decoration. The tour goes on to the Gayer Anderson Museum, consisted of two united houses that were restored by the Gayer Anderson , a British Army officer. It is a great example of domestic architecture and decoration and also includes the rich collection of home objects that were used at the time.

A tour in Medieval Cairo would not be completed if a visit at the buzzing Khan El Khalili Bazaar had not been included! You will walk through the Bazzar and admire the medieval architecture of the arcade while having the opportunity of bargaining for interesting exotic goods. Spices, gold and silver jewellery, leather shoes, silk clothing and wooden handmade pieces for domestic decoration.

The final stop of the tour is at the Papyrus museum , where you will be informed about the production and history of Papyrus as a writing material. You will also have the chance to buy rare original souvenirs made of Papyrus. Return to the ship .


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