10 reasons Why Cruise Travel Is Outpacing General Leisure Travel

Cruise travel is becoming more and more popular each year at a global level, outpacing leisure or land-based travel. According to United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the demand for cruise vacations has grown faster the one for land-based vacations by a 23 percent margin over the past decade. Furthermore, around 24 million passengers are expected to sail in 2016, up from 23 million in 2015.

Why are cruise vacations on the rise?

Cruise Vacation Variety: Nowadays everyone can find a cruise that serves their needs. Ranging from family and kid-friendly brands to pampering at luxurious spas, there’s a cruise experience for every travel desire.

Best Bang for Your Buck: Cruises offer meals, accommodation and on-board activities that are typically included in the price, and at the same time allow travelers to see multiple destinations in one trip, all for one cost.

On the River and Beyond: River cruising is now growing significantly in popularity, as it allows travelers to reach inland destinations that were never thought possible.

A Tailored Trip: Travelers can customize a trip specifically to their personal travel preferences. Whether they seek relaxation or want to explore the attractions of each port, there’s a cruise available.

Cruise to Every Corner of the World: Cruising makes the access to foreign countries easier and touring less intimidating. A cruise can take travelers to foreign lands without the anxiety of catching flights, navigating, searching for restaurants and tourist attractions.

Never a Dull Moment:  Cruise lines offer diverse and abundant on-board activities to keep travelers entertained, during the whole day, as they travel from port to port.

Multi-Generational Cruising: Cruising is designed to appeal to every age. That is why it is perfect for family reunions or vacations as they form an excellent multigenerational travel solution.

Staying Connected at Sea: Not everyone wants to be disconnected while on vacation. For those who want or need to be connected while at sea, today’s cruises offer a many Wi-Fi, on board texting and data options.

A Healthier Vacation: Today’s cruising emphasizes on health and well-being, thus offering a variety of health benefits; not only the purity of ocean air but also many on-board fitness options.

See the World, But Unpack Once:  Cruises give travelers the chance to visit the whole world. And although one can pack as little or as much as they would like, they need to unpack their suitcase only once.

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