our story

the inspiration 
Back in the early 50's a young boy from Ancient Olympia, Stavros (Achtypis) used to play "hide-and-seek" in the archaeological site, around the ancient monuments or under the thick shade of the columns of Zeus’ temple.  He even had his first race in the ancient Olympic Stadium. The site was open back then..

This special "playground" was the reason he became interested in ancient Greek art and civilization. When he turned 23 he decided to share his passion with other people and make it his career. But without any funds or loans it was impossible to start a business.

the path
So, he decided to follow an original path: he took pictures of the greatest monuments and masterpieces of Greece printed them in large black and white format and in his car drove all over Europe. This decision was not an easy one. He still remembers the hard times like when he was trapped in his car an entire day, in the Alps, due to a snow storm, at -10 C, or when he was left with only 5 dollars in his pocket.

the dream
But the cause was stronger than the obstacles. He finally managed to exhibit his work in more than 600 universities and schools in Western Europe and share his love for the ancient Greek world. By selling his pictures he achieved to fund,in 1965, "achtypis tours" one of the oldest Greek tour operators, still in business today. He also attracted for the first time the interest of European and Greek press.

Nowadays Panagiotis Achtypis, with a Phd in Business Law and communicating in 6 languages, runs the business as the third generation in the tourism industry. Panagiotis moves this family-run enterprise further with services in several countries of the Eastern Med, a worldwide clientele and a selected staff of more than 30 people, directly & indirectly employed.  Although many years have passed since 1965 the core of the business remains the same: to share our love and passion for the quality, travel & tourism experience.