20 December 2016

In spring Greece is open for tourism and as beautiful, serene and worth visiting as always. Plus, it’s always better to go when the weather is warmer.  The crowds, which were out in force this summer despite the talk of economic doom, are thinner, the weather is less scorching, and in the Cyclades, still the most famous and most visited island  group, the meltemi winds have stopped whipping, making flying, sailing, and having breakfast on your terrace easier. Here are four places you must visit this spring!

9 September 2016

Each month is a journey, each time a destination. Every city has something special, whether it is beauty itself that highlights the particular season or a festival, an event. The right question is not where to go, but when. Why measure both the time? Of course to enjoy the most of the journey and your experience be a memorable one!

22 August 2016

Corfu is an island which seduced poets and kings.

The island of Corfu is located just off the West coast of Greece. It's the port which linked the East to the West. Corfu Town, have been designated a Unesco heritage site. There’s nothing else quite like it between here and Dubrovnik.

4 August 2016

Do you know the highlights of Istanbul ? Let us show you!

Istanbul, once the capital of the eastern Roman Empire, is now a bustling, modern metropolis which stands astride the ancient and modern world. Istanbul’s skyline is a combination of palaces, mosques, and minarets and sleek skyscrapers, where the luxurious restaurants and nightclubs easily rival New York’s or London’s. The city’s historic alleyways give the impression that one is constantly walking around a museum.  On the other hand, Bosporus – an artery for maritime trade – and the sounds of building construction are the modern counterpart to the glorious history of the city. 

21 July 2016

The Greek city of Thessaloniki features among the “52 Places to Go for 2016” list of the New York Times

The American newspaper “The New York Times”, one of the most well-known news agencies worldwide and the second-largest in circulation, decided to help its readers-wanderers by coming up with a list of the top destinations for 2016. Living in a big world as we do, it may get problematic deciding which destination to choose first. The New York Times came up with 52 in total, in which a Greek city is also included. 

1 July 2016

Which are the highlights of Rhodes that the visitor should absolutely see?

7 June 2016

From Istanbul to Ankara, which are the top cities worth visiting?

11 May 2016

Once in Crete, which are the highlights one shouldn’t miss?

28 April 2016

An article by the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) reveals why cruise vacations numbers are constantly rising.

7 April 2016

Cyclades justify that heaven is a place on earth. Here you will find out why.

31 March 2016
Harmony of the Seas - Wold's Biggest Cruise Ship

The trial of Royal Caribbean's new cruise ship, “Harmony of the Seas”, was a sheer success.

16 March 2016
St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City

Rome, Florence, Venice – What makes them special and which are the highlights of each destination?

29 February 2016
Top 15 Beaches in Greece 2016: Navagio (Shipwreck) Beach, Zakynthos

“Travel and Leisure” Magazine’s list about the most stunning beaches in Greece for 2016

16 February 2016

Among 20 selected European destinations, Athens ranked second by public vote, thus surpassing cities like Paris and Milan; and here is why.

9 March 2015

here at achtypis tours we are really excited to celebrate our 50th anniversary!

19 August 2013

cruise industry: good in crisis

16 May 2013

Katakolon port is the getaway to Ancient Olympia, birth land of the Olympic Games. The port is becoming increasingly important now that Costa Cruises decided to start two cruises for 2013..

13 May 2013

Piraeus Cruise Port is upgrading with larger facillities..

22 April 2013

A new era for the Greek Cruise industry is born. New, encouraging statistics show the huge potential for the maritime tourism in Greece

18 April 2013

the new Acropolis Museum does not only exhibit some of the most important archaeological treasures in the world but also proves itself as a cultural hub for Athens

8 April 2013

really interesting statistics and trends for several popular and off the beat cruise ports of Greece for the upcoming years..

19 February 2013

read how the greek tourism industry is becoming a very promising affair for Greece's economy

25 October 2012

interesting cruise market statistics coming from 2011 season comparing Greece's and Spain's role in the European Cruise Market

13 September 2012

we continue our commitment in the field of shore excursions. After 5 decades of expertise, Egypt comes to be added in the cruise destinations served..

3 July 2012

updated opening times information of venues in Ancient Olympia valid up until November 30, 2012

11 June 2012

learn here how Athens, the Greek capital is becoming a "gastronomical" destination

7 May 2012

an important dicrease for Greek incoming tourism noted in the first two months of 2012

4 May 2012

More than 17,000 visitors from nearly 90 countries from around the world will be visiting « Posidonia 2012 ».Posidonia is a global business forum, of the shipping and maritime industries 

6 April 2012

although the recession has its effect on the annual spend in travel and leisure, cruise seems to follow an increasing course in recent years. Especially in Europe figures seem very impressive. Discover through this article the size of this industry in numbers.. 

19 March 2012

discover the birth place of the Olympic Games and learn how and from where exactly, the Olympic Flame starts every 4 years..

11 March 2012

we share our experience with you and propose 5 Greek islands that you should not miss! check them here..

12 December 2011

Great news: "door" opens for circular cruises in Greece. Check out here how Greece can become the natural landscape for cruises again

3 October 2011

recognition from the other side of the Atlantic ..

30 September 2011

Katakolon located in western Greece serves as gate port to Ancient Olympia. Check here interesting and rare statistics on its impressing traffic's increase..

15 September 2011

exhibiting a unique collection of historic automobiles, the Hellenic Motor Museum opened in March 2011

6 September 2011

an interesting overview in numbers of the european cruise industry

18 August 2011

discover things to do when you visit Katakolon and the area around

26 July 2011

take back home the colours of Greece. Check here how..

5 July 2011

ok! you have red the guides of Athens. But what about find out few tips on how we live at the greek capital.  

1 June 2011

the past few months we are revewing our online presence moving beyond the mainstream . Discover how..

27 May 2011

Athens, the Greek capital has a home for inquiring minds and art lovers. 
A saturday at the benaki museum (the one located on piraeus avenue, no. 138) in downtown athens can be extremely interesting and educating.