Bus Hire Cancellation Policy

In the event that you have to cancel your bus charter due to unforeseen circumstances, we offer the following cancellation policy. This policy is valid only in case that the bus charter service is the only service offered and it is not combined with additional arrangements. Otherwise cancellation policy of tours and packages will be applied.

 1 month prior service:                 full refund

2 weeks prior service:                 previously agreed deposit

1 weeks prior service:                 50% on the total

4 days prior service:                   75% on the total

3 days and less prior service:  100%  total


 1/ In all of above cases, bank expenses that occur for the refund will be deducted from the amount.

 2/ by reserving one of our services you agree with above terms

 3/ please note that no reservation is made until payment and that all services are subject to availability