Shore Excursions Cancelation Policy


Achtypis tours reserves the right to realize any amendments on regular shore excursions’ ,programs & timings, or even abort a specific program/timing during the season (you will be advised about them soon in advance, in written). For any previous reservations made on cancelled tours and/or times an alternative, most relevant, tour program and/or timing will be suggested as a replacement. If the replacement will not be satisfying to you full refund will be granted.


Insurance cover is obligatory in Greece only during bus transfers. Our buses are fully insured. During the rest of the tour participants are strongly advised to buy their own insurance or buy our public liability insurance for 1€ per person / per tour


Unless other specific agreement, cancellations are accepted up to 4 days before service without charges if the reason is “force majeur”. In case of cancellation because of bad weather conditions or change on ship’s itinerary there will be full refund(*) even if the cancellation comes on last minute. For all other cancellations: no charge/full refund up to 7 days before tour. If the cancellation comes within the last 7 days the total cost of the shore excursion will be charged (no refund)


1/ In all of above cases, bank expenses or administration fees that might occur for the refund will be deducted from the amount.
2/ For large groups (15 people or more), some expenses, due to their nature, (example: restaurants) might not be refundable, if the cancellation comes within 4 days before service, whatever the cancellation's reason is
3/ by reserving one of our services you agree with above terms
4/ (*)in case of cancellation due to bad weather or last minute change of ship's itinerary, prepaid entrance fees are not refundable. Prepaid restaurants might be partially refundable or non refundable