2012 Figures Incoming Tourism Market of Greece (Jan + Feb 2012)

Figures released by the Bank of Greece, for rates in tourism during the first months of 2012 are not encouraging. As early as January and February 2012 a 44.7% decline in travel receipts is shown, and 11.1% decrease in tourist arrivals.

Statistics show that the incomes from the German market declined by 40.5%, while from United Kingdom by 24.1%.
The arrivals from Germany decreased by 10.8%, while from UK by 3%. Arrivals from Russia fell by 42.6% - but this is conjectural because it is expected a significant increase in tourist traffic from the Russian market in 2012. The decrease in incoming tourists seem to result from the reduction of arrivals from the countries of the euro area by 21.2% and outside Europe by 2.1%.
Instead, "visa schengen allow" arrivals from third countries, mainly from Russia, will move positively.

Of course, we note that the above data come from the first two months of 2012 alone, compared with last year's figures (2011), a period that is not predominantly "tourist season" for Greece, but largely come to confirm an important dicrease for Greek incoming tourism.


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