Bodrum - Tour to Euromos, Didyma and Miletos

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This full day shore excursion from Bodrum port includes everything you need to see and know in the area. In addition the tour comes with a delicious lunch of typical Turkish cuisine, inspired of local recipies

EUROMOS: Just on the side of the highway behind Milas one of the best kept temples of Minor Asia is rising up his 16 columns still into the sky. Only 1969 the international archaeology learned about this place. One assumes that Euromos, like Labranda, in the antiquity was connected with Mylasa, today's Milas. The remains of the antique Roman city Iassos you can visit just on the other side of the Gulf of Guelluek, the fish market here only recently excavated, very often was mentioned in ancient history. And you should visit a typical Turkish weekly market. Milas is only 50 km or in other words 40 minutes away from Bodrum. This is one of the biggest and cheapest markets in this region. Milas is a geographical area in the province of Mugla with great natural beauty and boasts 30 ancient cities and settlements throughout the county. The town spreads out over the slopes of mount Sodra and the plain that bears its name, has been inhabited since 1000 B.C. Milas takes its name from Mylasos, a descendent of the wind God, Aeolis. lt was the capital city of Caria and a place of pilgrimage during Carian times as it was the site of the famous temple of 'Zeus of the Doubleaxe' in antiquity.

In ancient times Milas was called the city of temples because of the extensive use of marble in its buildings. Milas's 3000 years of continuous culture and history is visible at every corner. The western Menteshe Mountains are rich in fauna and floraon in the high plateaus. These mountains are ideal for hunting and trekking tours. The Milas Region is also famous for its carpets. They have been admired all over the world. One example is exhibited in the New York. Meet at Bodrum Port –Your Hotel or Airport our guide will hold up a sign with your name on it.

DIDYMA: The Home of a God Didyma was not a city but one of the three oracle places. It was a center of the cult of Apollo, the god of divination. Divination was always popular and Apollo Temple had been a very important place for the Paganist people until Christianity gave a fatal blow to paganism. Words are not enough to describe Apollo Temple because of its amazing dimensions. It measured 118 meters by 60 meters, which is slightly larger than a football field. There were 128 finely decorated columns, some of which are 19.50 meters high.

MILETOS: The Hometown of Olympic Games Miletos, which had nearly 90 colonies, was one of the greatest and richest of all the Greek cities. It was the main trade center in Anatolia for a long time, and was also rich in culture; science, philosophy and architecture. The city was the home town of the famous philosophers of nature such as Thales, Aneximender, Aneximenes, Hekataios and also, the great city planner Hippodomus who was the first to try the grid city plan in Miletos. Also, we know that Miletos was known for athletics, very similar to the Olympic games. Moreover, the symbol of the Olympic games, the tripod with a fire, originates from the Lighthouse at the biggest harbor of Miletos. The Theater where St. Paul gave his emotional good-bye message to the elders of Ephesus, the Faustina Baths, The Harbour Monument and the Ilyas Bey Mosque are the highlights of the site. Art Museum.


-         transportation by deluxe, air-conditioned vehicle, late-model

          (bus, minibus or taxi, according to your group’s size)

-         professional driver

-         insurance cover during transfers by vehicle

-         licensed English-speaking guide *

-         entrance fees

-         all taxes

-         identification sign with your name on it

-         mobile contact number for any emergency, available 24/7

          * guides in other languages available, upon request

Step 1

Your tour starts from the port of Bodrum

Step 2

Visit of Euromos

Step 3

Visit of Didyma

Step 4

Visit of Miletos

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