Chef Congress hosted in Athens in 2016

The Greek capital was chosen to be the European Capital where the 37th Congress of Chefs Societies, known as WACS, will take place during May 2016.

It is considered a great honor and opportunity to promote the rising Mediterranean style diet and cuisine.

The congress is organized every 2 years but this is the first time to be hosted by a European City.

The length of this event is usually 5-6 days and attracts the interest of a worldwide crowd of not only professionals but also amateurs of cooking and haute cuisine.

This congress is a big challenge for Athens which after 2004 Olympics will host another important event of international impact.

The city with new infrastructure, great Athens hotels and a major port under refurbishment (Piraeus) will offer many opportunities for tourism. Before and after the event, visitors will have the chance to visit the islands by choosing one of the numerous Greek Island hopping Packages, benefit of sightseeing in Athens or book tours from Athens to the rest of Greece.

 We are looking forward to this great event!


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