Cruise Market: 9% increase in Europe for 2011

During 2011 , the number of cruise passengers calling Europe was increased and reached the number of 6 million passengers!

The total number of cruise passengers in Europe is 25 million and this corresponds to 2.5 billions in expenses.

According to this research, cruise industry has created over 300.000 jobs in European countries.

This data originates from Research results conducted by the European Cruise Council Shipping Miami, in Miami ,USA.

The above research also indicates that the British market is leading providing 1.7 million passengers which corresponds to 5% growth.  Germany and France follow with 1.4 million passengers and 14% growth.

Two of the greatest markets are Italy ,contributing with 900 thousands passengers, and Spain, with 700 thousands.

Cruise representatives in Greece hope for further economical boost in Greek Islands Cruises and in Eastern Med in general, after the application of a new law lifting cabotage restrictions. The new law plans to "open" cruises for non-communal vessels and thereafter will increase the income to an estimated 1 billion euros per annum.  


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