Cruise Ports Greece 2012-13 / Figures, Rankings & Perpectives

Just for a change the numbers are in favor of Greece!

Almost 5.000 (4.824 to be exact) cruise ships “called” Greek ports during 2012 along with 5,5 million passengers, according to the official data of Greek Port’s Union.

Greek Cruise Ports Ranking

The data that was collected and processed by 40 ports all over the country, has shown that despite the difficult financial and social circumstances through which Greece is coming through, Piraeus port holds the first position among the most visited Greek ports, with Santorini island and Katakolon to maintain the two next ones.

Forecast 2013 Greek Cruise Ports

Cruise is estimated to move in an increasing orbit also for the current season, conclusion that occurs not only from the already known cruise timetables but also from warm and encouraging “messages” from all the foreign markets.

Piraeus compared to other Mediterranean ports

Piraeus port also, according to the same data,  that were presented by the Greek’s Port Union, managed to stay, for one more year, among the three top passengers passing ports of the Mediterranean along with Rome’s Civitavecchia and Barcelona’s port.

«Costa Magica» cruise ship “begins” from Piraeus port  

This season (2013) the cruise ship Costa Magica will start some of its cruises  from Piraeus port. This is the second ship of “Costa” that operates from Greece and the most interesting part is that it will offer the possibility to passengers who wish to embark from Piraeus to do it, under a limited availability of cabins,  at the beginning.

Costa Cruise is one of the first, major cruise companies who plan to develop home porting in Greek ports, and despite the problems that may exist in port infrastructure, according to the shipping agents association, the data are encouraging with an increase of 15% to be already noted.



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