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Katakolon port becomes a departure port for Costa Crociere Cruises. An unexpected, positive news that gives a quite important perspective to the wider tourist growth of the area. After Piraeus port, now Katakolon enters the lists of Greek Ports that the cruise company in question has chosen to include in its starting points. 

Cruise itinerary & cost
The cruise will start from Katakolon port to Mykonos, Izmir, Istanbul, Constanja, Odessa, Yalta with final destination Piraeus port. The cost for nine days starts from 599 euros plus port taxes, air tickets and transport to the port. Children that will participate on the cruise will be free of charge.

First cruises calls
According to the company’s advertisement campaign, the first two departures are prefixed on May 27th and June 6th. This is undeniably the first important and concrete result of the lifting of cabotage that could easily revive the interest of other cruise companies as well.

Katakolon, the cruise gate to Ancient Olympia
One of its popularity reasons, is beyond any doubt its small proximity from Ancient Olympia and the Katakolon shore excursions to the Archaeological Site and the Museum. In a very short distance, only 35 km along, the visitor can admire one of the most rare and important sanctuaries of Ancient Greece and one of the richest museums as well. 


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