Cyclades – 13 Reasons Why They Are Paradise on Earth

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Being an amalgamation of culture, history, cuisine and natural beauty, the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea can compete with the world’s most exotic island getaways. Some of the reasons are the following:

Amazing Hotels: The hotels in the Cyclades make everyone feel that they belong to the jet-set. Ranging from luxury hotels with infinity pools and amazing views to villas with exclusive services, the options are numerous.

From Unique Red Beaches…: One of the most popular beaches of Santorini, the so called Red Beach stands out, due to the stunning surrounding of bright red cliffs and sands.

 …To Stunning White Ones…: On the island of Milos, the dazzling beach of Sarakiniko makes you feel that you have landed on moon. The coves sculpted by the wind complete the spectacular scenery.

…And To the Deep Blue Waters: The best beaches in the Cyclades are those which are formed by small coves whose cliffs protect their visitors. Their waters represent all shades of blue.

Gorgeous Churches:  The numerous Orthodox churches not only are beautiful in terms of art and architecture, but also they’re often built on solitary hilltops with amazing sea view, which makes them all the more incredible.

Fresh Seafood: The Cyclades are no exception to the traditional Mediterranean cuisine. The freshly-caught fish grilled with olive oil and lemon is an island staple.

Delicious Wines: Santorini’s volcanic earth, sunshine, and ancient sun-drying techniques have produced some truly miraculous white wines. The island’s legendary VinSanto is among the smoothest and most complex European wines.

Breathtaking Views: The Cyclades are full of mountain peaks looking to the Aegean Sea, which means mountaintop views from just everywhere! You will hardly find a view that isn’t just jaw-dropping.

Ancient ruins: The ancient ruins of the Cyclades may not be among the most popular in Greece, but the Delos’ grand theaters and unique statues and Naxos Island with its monumental Apollo’s Gate, offer a unique journey through time.

Tranquility: The islands’ real essence is in the countryside. Full of sleepy villages built on the seashore where’s nothing to do but eat, read, swim, and chat, Cyclades offer a tranquil paradise.

Beautiful Shipwrecks: The lesser-known shipwreck of the island of Milos is just as oddly beautiful as the famous Shipwreck Beach of Zante.

No cars: There are some cars on the islands, but what you’ll mainly see are mopeds, bicycles, boats, and, in the more rural (or touristy) areas, donkeys!

And there are over 200 islands to explore! If you find yourselves in the Cyclades on a cruise ship, keep in mind that Achtypis tours offers a variety of shore excursions there – Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos, Syros, Paros, to name only a few – making always sure to offer you a once in a lifetime experience.




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