1. Santorini:  remains uniquely stunning with its dramatic cliff top caldera and Aegean views, the views that draw honeymooners year after year. Oia, the highest village on the island is the most romantic and the busiest with its cluster of restaurants and shops. It’s a “must-visit-destination”.  There are more vacancies in the fall and the usually lofty prices recede.
  1. Spetses: is known mostly as a haven to ship owners who have houses here and less to the general public who flock to neighboring Hydra instead. That lack of mass tourism only adds to the beauty of the place: an island where horse drawn carriages still take visitors past neoclassical houses edged with bougainvillea, harbors with fishing boats, deserted beaches and cobbled streets.

  2. Naxos/Schinousa: the largest island in the Cyclades has a varied landscape, the long sandy beaches contrasted with Inland Mountain and it is known for good cooks and each village within it specializes in a different dish. From Naxos, it’s a short ferry or chartered motorboat ride to a very different type of island, Schinousa, a tiny island of 100 residents that is totally untouched by tourism with the exception of a few small guesthouses and restaurants. 

  3. Ithaca: Getting to this island in the western Ionian group isn’t as complicated as it was for Odysseus but it isn’t the easiest which partly accounts for being somewhat off the main tourist track. Hilly and dotted with cypress and olive trees, it’s an absolute beauty.

One caveat: travel arrangements in Greece can sometimes be a little, to put it charitably, chaotic. It’s best to have someone firmly in control handle it. The organizers at Achtypis Tours are the best solution to avoid any inconvenience while being on vacation.



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