Greek Cruise Market: Piraeus port increase of passengers during October 2013. Figures and statistics

One of the reasons for the significant and unexpected increase was the rise by 45.79 % of passengers who embarked at the port of Piraeus

The port handled about 60,000 more passengers than last year ( 358,028 vs. 297,830 the same month )

The first 10 months of 2013 passed through the port of Piraeus 250,000 more passengers than the corresponding period, last year ( 2,134,498 vs. 1,877,171 ) .

One of the reasons for the significant growth during October , a month outside the typical summer, high season, period , is the unexpected increase by 45.79 % of cruise passengers who embarked at the port of Piraeus (home). For the same period, transit cruise passengers (transit) increased by 15.98 % .

  " Our predictions are confirmed . The most important thing is that the cruise port of Piraeus offers significant qualitative improvements in the services and security, with international certifications , quality to be further improved in 2014 due to two new berths and operation of the Third International Passenger Terminal in Côte St. Nicholas , "said President and CEO of Piraeus Port SA G. Anomeritis.

"The improvement that occurred in the 10 months 2013 ( 20.21 % ) compared with the results of 9 months 2013 ( 12.48% ) shows a steady and increasing trend even during the fall season , a factor which highlights the positive course of the cruise sector in Greece, according to our estimates"


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