katakolon port statistics

The past five years more than 3 million cruise passengers visited Katakolon port, while for 20% of them Katakolon was the only Greek destination during their cruise.

According to the statistics of the port authority for the past five years, cruise passengers chose the following destinations, once in Katakolon (see graphic 1)

First comes of course Ancient Olympia and then other areas of interest, around (Agios Andreas beach, Leventochori beach, Skafidia beach, Kourouta beach,  and Mercouri Winery )


In 2010 disembarked in katakolo approximately 800.000 passengers, the 450.000 of them visited Ancient Olympia and 330.000 stayed at the port or they have visited the areas around, while 165.000 passengers have chosen katakolon as their only Greek destination. Those passengers were carried by 340 cruise ships in total.


The first semester of 2011, 107 cruise ships called katakolon port and they carried more than 340.000 passengers while the 190.00 have visited Ancient Olympia and the other 85.000 remained in Katakolo. 68.500 passengers from them have chosen katakolo as their only Greek destination.

Stable Increase in Cruise ships arrivals

The past few years the port of Katakolon presents a stable rise on cruise ship arrivals that proves that the port has become an international tourist destination.

The increasing cruise ships’ traffic continues this year and already 403 cruise ships arrivals are registered that will carry 1 million passengers in the area.


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