lift of cabotage restrictions in Greece

The new project of Law that will be voted by the Greek parliament on Dec. 20 2011 will reinforce the cruise industry by lifting all barriers for cruise companies with flag from third countries to offer circular cruises from any Greek port. In addition the previous hard to apply terms for cruise companies are lifted as well (there will be no need to sign a contract with the Greek state etc..)

This is also great news for the Greek Cruise industry itself which, according to specialists, will regain its market share and become again a dominant key player in cruises (this was the case in the 70’s and 80’s)

Greece and the Greek islands is the natural landscape for cruises and offer an unlimited variety of cruise itineraries, in length and theme, that can combine calls in other countries as well (such as Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Italy..).No need to add that there is a huge variety of shore excursions in Greece for the companies that will “bet” in Greece’s market.


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