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Monemvasia has a small port therefore, only small boats and yachts can call the port. If by any chance a large ship calls the port, it will have to stop a short distance away from the port and let the passengers embark the ships small boats in order for them to go across to the port.

Arriving outside Monemvasia’s castle using the local municipal mini-bus, you will enter “Kastro” (castle). To visit there you will have to walk through small and narrow roads. You will encounter a slightly steep uphill of 1500 meters in order to reach the top of the castle(upper town); it will take approximately 30 minutes to get to there. When you arrive, you will be amazed by the beautiful scenery. From there you can see all of Monemvasia.

On your return back (lower town) you will also visit 2 orthodox churches and a museum (also view more churches from outside). The building in which the Collection of the Monemvasia Castle is housed stands in Elkomenou Square, the main square of the Lower Town. It was originally a mosque, the design of which has undergone considerable modification due to later conversions.  You will then return back to your ship using the municipal mini-bus from the gate(entrance) of the castle which will take you back to the small port. 

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