moderate Shore Excursions - Activity level: moderate

shore tours that involve medium, moderated activity. Ideal for active cruise passengers who wish to see the most important of each cruise destination
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Lesvos port
Duration: 4-4.5 hours
Code: LES 4

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lesvos and at the same time get to know its spiritual as well as its artistic aspect

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Lesvos/Mytilini- Tour to Agiassos Village & Terriade Museum
Duration: 4 hours
Code: LES 5

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lesvos, visit the historical village of Agiasos and the unique Terriade Museum

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Eva Ouzo distillery
Duration: 4 hours
Code: LES 7

Take the chance to visit the most picturesque village of Lesvos and discover the process of making the most famous Greek drink, the ouzo

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Tour to Terriade’s museum &  Agiasos Village
Duration: 4 hours
Code: LES 8

Be enchanted by the beauty of the most picturesque village of Lesvos and visit the unique Terriade’s museum

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from 70 €

Tour to Terriade’s museum ,  Agiasos Village & Ouzo distillery
Duration: 5-5.5 hours
Code: LES 9

Discover the beauties and flavors of Lesvos Island. Visit the unique Terriade Museum, the picturesque village of Agiasos and an ouzo distiller

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Tour to Vranas Museum – Plomari village
Duration: 4 3/4 hours
Code: LES 10

Visit the picturesque village of Plomari and discover how the famous Greek drink ouzo is made

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Traditional shop, Agiassos Village
Duration: 4.5 hours
Code: LES 11

Visit the picturesque villages of Agiasos and Papados as well as the Olive Press-Museum, one of the first steam-powered factories on Lesvos and in the Aegean Sea

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Florence On Your Own, Full Day Tour
Duration: 9.5 hours
Code: LIV 1

Under an organized, escorted transfer, discover at your own pace the alluring and artistic city of Florence.

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Florence and Chianti Castle Full Day Tour
Duration: 10 hours
Code: LIV 5

A combination of sites promising great satisfaction of your eyes, soul and taste! The renowned city of Florence, the impossing castle of Greve and the Mediterranean wine gourmand delicacies are the components of this shore excursion.

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Leaning Tower of Pisa Half Day Tour
Duration: 3.5 hours
Code: LIV 6

Select this excursions to get to know one of the most famous landmarks of Italy, the leaning tower of Pisa and it’s religious center. The surroundings and architecture are sure to impress you.

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