Murano Island Shore Excursions - Venues Visited: Murano Island

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Murano and Burano Islands Tour
Duration: 5 hours
Code: VEN 3

Surrounded by the beautiful environment of Burano and Murano islands, enter the elaborate handmade art of colorful glass masterpieces along with the old art of lace. Walk by the fishing villages houses and take an impressive photo shot of San Martino church. 

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Murano, Burano and Torcello Islands Tour
Duration: 7 hours
Code: VEN 4

Enjoy a boat tour and get to know the lagoon communities by your visits to Murano, Burano and Torcello islands. Impressive in terms of landscape as well as art & crafts production. Leave this tour will fulfilling images as well as lace and blown glass unique souvenirs.

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Murano, Saint George Island and Gondola Tour
Duration: 5 hours
Code: VEN 5

Cease the chance the enjoy multiple Venetian assets floating on relaxing lagoon ride. Visit the Murano island with a stop at a reknowed blown glass factory, continue with San Giorgion island and it’s imposing monastic church and complete your 5 hour tour on a gondola under small, picturesque stone bridges. 

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