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Duration: 3.5 hours
Code: AST1

Athens essentials at a glance. Book this compact sightseeing tour and discover Athens highlights in 4 hours. Pick-up and Drop-of from all major city center Hotels.

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56 €
Duration: 5 hours
Code: AST2

the classic sightseeing of Athens including the visit of the new acropolis museum and the acropolis itself. Enjoy athens' rich history, taste the everyday life of the city  and visit the newly built Acropolis Museum.

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69 €
Duration: 3 hours
Code: ABN

Book this night tour and entertain yourselves as Greeks do. Follow us to a night-out at the charming greek capital and enjoy Greek live music, folkloric dances and food.

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64 €
Duration: 3 hours
Code: CST

Perhaps the most breathtaking view that Athens can offer. Leave the city behind and head to Cape Sounio, regions edge offering a combination of ancient Greek architecture and history and breathtaking views to the sea

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43 €
Duration: 8 hours
Code: ACW

let us unfold you ancient history through a glass of wine. Book this tour from Athens and visit Ancient Corinth, one of the eminent ancient city-states of the past and Nemea region, the "capital" of Greek wine production

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77 €
Duration: 2 days
Code: 2GT2

back to time at the navel of the world! Enjoy 2 days in Delphi considered in ancient times as the center of the wolrd, visit the outstanding archaeological museum and site and get to know the Greek countryside. Admire the breathtaking views offered by the mountainious position of the town of Delphi and take some rare pictures.

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from 132 €
Duration: Full day

enjoy the classical sightseeing of Istanbul offered on daily basis. Discover the beauties and secrets of a city rich in history and charm

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Duration: 8 days

Take a healhty holiday now! Far from a “rest week”, vacations are now an opportunity to make further gains – or cram in all the exercise that you were too busy to do in the rest of the year. Sani resort is hosting its first retreat in 2019, with tennis lessons to follow by the prestigious Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy. Not to mention the benefits from the Mediterranean diet seminar offered and the healthy meals combined with this package. Combine your holidays with health, sports, the stunning beach of the Sani resort and of course enough leisure time to discover the best of Thessaloniki and the surrounding region

Total Tennis* (high intensity)
At the Total Tennis you will train in small group sessions and share amazing times on the court. The Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre coaches give all the players a level test before the program begins to assign them a training group according to their level of play. You will improve your tennis game enjoying group training according to your level of play that will allow you to learn and compete against other participants.

Learn to Compete** (medium intensity)
This group tennis programme will allow you to train with the Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre coaches by using a complete exercise point system where real tactical situations of competition are created. During the programme you shall work and improve on different aspects of the game: hitting the ball from the baseline, attack, net game, first strokes after serving and receiving… The points earned after each exercise will be reviewed individually by the coaches. In this complete programme you will work specifically on the technical, tactical and mental game. We shall focus on concentration and self-control, that are important aspects in tennis. Coaches will help you maintain a high intensity training, focusing always on the respect towards other players and fair play


1/Hotel (5-star luxury seaside resort SANI)
3/Meals (Menus Special Tennis Player healthy Diet included Breakfasts and Dinners/ half board)
4/Spa and Gym package for athletes’/Rehab, detox
5/Rafa Nadal Academy training sessions 17 1|2 hrs total  extended equally in for 5 days ( 8 tennis courts clay)  (total tennis)(learn to compete)
6/Guided Tour
to Thessaloniki \ Night out Thessaloniki (last night with open bar party)
7/Lecture Mediterranean Diet 
8/Certificate of participation


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Duration: 2 days
Code: 2GT3

a taste of Byzantine and Ancient Greece. Book this Greece tour and visit two sacramental landmarks of the country Delphi, the centre of the Ancient world and Meteora monasteries, a religious site of rare beauty, offering one of the most impressive views that you can ever experience.

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from 162 €