what to do in katakolon ?

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“What to don in Katakolon”.. people often ask. It is normal because katakolon is a new destination, not very well known as much as for example Mykonos or Santorini.

Actually Katakolon is not that new. From the early 70’s cruise ships where calling Katakolon and the reason was the same: Ancient Olympia. The land where the original Olympic games where organized for the first time! In addition the place where is housed (in the archaeological museum of Olympia) the statue of Hermes, perhaps the most precious statue of classical Greek antiquity, located in our country.

If you are a repeater and you have already visited Olympia I know that you need to discover new things. Katakolon itself it is a small village with few inhabitants. Most of them used to be fishermen. Now perhaps they also own a souvenir shop but the place has not lost its charm and natural beauty.

In addition around Katakolon a cruise passenger can visit Mercouri Winery, Kourouta beach, Skafidia Monastery, Kaiafas lake, Agios Andreas beach and the list does goes on.

If you wish to know more details on what to do in Katakolon or where to spend your free time while your cruise ships stays at the port you can also pay a visit to the website of katakolon


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