5 days classical tour to Nauplion, Mycenae, Ancient Olympia, Delphi & Meteora

5 days
Every Monday (April - October)
08:30a.m. - 18:15p.m.
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best of classical Greece. An exciting course in Greek history through the country's highlights that marked the evolution of the nation. Taste the breathtaking views in Meteora, Olympic spirit in Olympia, mystical ambience in Delphi, charming beauty of Nauplion and superior art in 2 of the richest museums of Greece.

Day 1

The first day you will depart from Athens and drive through the Corinth canal, where you will make a short stop and then continue to Epidaurus to visit its excellently preserved theatre, known for its acoustics. The tour proceeds to Nafplia, the area around Nafplion, one of the most charming towns in Greece with its islet-castle Bourtzi . In Nauplia you will be accommodated in a 5 star hotel. The afternoon is free in order to explore the old town or the Gallery of Art with paintings of prominent Greek artists such us Gyzis and Lytras. Dinner is scheduled at the hotel in the evening.  Overnight in Nauplion.

Day 2

After breakfast at the hotel, you will depart for Mycenae through the lands of Argos. Mycenae is an archaeological site of great importance since Neolithic period. You will walk by the tomb of archaic King Agamemnon , the one who sailed for Troy. You will also see the Cyclopean walls, whose construction remains a mystery until today. In the afternoon you will continue though central Peloponnese with a quick stop to Megalopolis and arrive to Olympia, the cradle of the Olympic Games. Overnight in Olympia.

Day 3

During the third day, you will visit the archaeological site of Olympia and the ancient Olympic Stadium , where the first Games took place. You will walk though the site and see the Olympic altar and the temple of Zeus. Afterwards, you will visit the museum and marvel the highlight, Hermes of Praxitelis, a statue known of its harmony and symmetry. The trip continues in the afternoon to Patra, crosses the bridge of Rion –Antirion, the picturesque town of Nafpaktos and gets to Delphi , the most respective oracle of antiquity. The day ends with a short visit to Arachova, a traditional village perched on the mountain,  next to Delphi. Overnight in Delphi.

Day 4

The following day is dedicated to Delphi. You can enjoy the morning at the archaeological site and museum , worldwide known for its exhibits: The “Charioteer of Delphi”, a mans sized statue considered one of the finest examples of ancient bronze statues and “Omphalos” which is an ancient religious stone artefact. According to ancient Greeks, Zeus sent out two eagles to fly across the world and meet at its centre, the "navel" of the world. Omphalos stone is used to denote this point. Afterwards, you will depart for Kalambaka, a small town built at the foothill of the majestic sand rocks of Meteora. Overnight in Kalambaka. 

Day 5

The last day is dedicated to the Byzantine monasteries of Meteora. The monasteries are built over the cliffs, rising towards the sky. It is rare and breathtaking landscape that has been sculpted by wind and water over thousands of years. The way back home passes by the monument of Leonidas ,in Thermopyles. Leonidas , King of Sparta refused the Persians to surrender and died bravely at this place. Drive back to Athens, end of the tour.


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