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for almost half century we are operating and designing quality shore tours across Greece to cruise companies and groups
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Duration: 8 hours
Code: CHA 4

choose this full day shore tour and get the most of this destination. Discover the culture and tastes of this side of Crete and explore local history and traditions

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Duration: 5 hours
Code: CHA 5

get the most with this shore excursion, in only 5 hours: enjoy a wine tasting session, understand cretan history, explore religious monuments of the region and visit the local archaeological museum

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Chios: Tour to Pirgi-Mesta-Armolia
Duration: 5 hours
Code: CHI 1

book this shore excursion and enjoy a half day tour of Chios through the medieval village of Pirgi and the rare mastic villages. Admire the geometrical decor on the walls of the houses before ending your sightseeing at Armolia where two fine workshops display their handcrafted items and their craft

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Chios: Tour to Nea Moni Monastery,Avgonima  and Medieval Anavatos
Duration: 4 1/2 hours
Code: CHI 2

this shore tour starting from Chios port takes you the most important religious landmarks of the island including a visit to medieval Anavatos with its castle, acropolis and fortifications dominating the region

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Corinth – Tour to Argolis (Epidavros – Nafplion Mycenae)
Duration: 9 hours
Code: COR 1

Explore the vast history of Corinth’s surroundings by visiting the renowned Ancient Corinth, Epidaurus as well as Mycenae

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Ancient Corinth – Canal Crossing
Duration: 4 hours
Code: COR 2

Take the chance to visit Ancient Corinth, one of the richest cities of antiquity, and enjoy a mini cruise through the famous Corinth Canal

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Corinth - Tour to Epidavros – Nafplion - Mycenae
Duration: 8 1/2 - 8 3/4 hours
Code: COR 3

The history of Southern Greece erupts unveiled before your eyes; Epidaurus and Mycenae will tell you the tale of the great Greek history

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Corinth - Tour to Ancient Corinth
Duration: 3 1/2 hours
Code: COR 4

Explore Ancient Corinth and discover its glorious history

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Corinth – Athens City Tour – Plaka
Duration: 6 hours
Code: CAT 1

Discover Athens City highlights and the Greek trademark, Acropolis

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Corinth – Tour to the highlights of Athens
Duration: 8 hours
Code: CAT 2

Discover the history of Athens’ trademark, Acropolis, and the beauties of the picturesque region of Plaka

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