Limassol Shore Excursions - Port: Limassol

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Limassol – Kourion, Temple of Apollo, Omodos Village
Duration: 5 hours
Code: LIM 1

Select this Limassol tour for experience full of ancient history, village images and religious monuments.

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Limassol – Kourion, Kolossi Castle, Limassol Medieval castle & shopping
Duration: 5 hours
Code: LIM 2

Antiquity and medieval era is the core of this tour. Discover the ancient city of  Kourion the Kolossi Castle and last but not least, the Medieval Castle of Limassol.

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Limassol – Kourion, Kolossi and Limassol Shopping
Duration: 4 hours
Code: LIM 3

A brief yet highly interesting tour around Limassol for a Kourion and Kolossi Castle visit. End your excursion enjoying your free time at the old shopping district of Limassol.

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Limassol – Paphos
Duration: 5 hours
Code: LIM 4

Limassol, the former capital of Cyprus Island has a lot of beauties to reveal; uncover them and visit site such as the impressive Dionysus mosaics or the Tombs of the Kings.

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Limassol – Nicosia Divided Capital & Lefkara Village (with lunch)
Duration: 7.5 hours
Code: LIM 5

Get to know the historical and renowned city of Cyprus, Nicosia, the St. John’s Cathedral, the Archaeological museum and Lefkara village will be just some of the interesting venues you are to visit.

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Limassol – Paphos & Kourion Ancient Theatre
Duration: 7 hours
Code: LIM 6

An enriched visit of Pafos antiquity and contemporary landmarks introduced by beautiful landscape views; Along with your sight and mind, you are surely to satisfy your gourmand craves too, during an original Cypriot meal by the sea. 

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Limassol – Nicosia, Khirokitia
Duration: 6 hours
Code: LIM 7

Select this excursion for global view of the contemporary and historical assets of Nicosia; ancient ruins, religious venues and points of gatherings are including in this tour’s destinations.

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Limassol – Troodos Trekking
Duration: 5 hours
Code: LIM 8

A highly reviving excursion through a close contact with mountain Troodos natural environment; breathe in fresh air and enjoy the surrounding plantation along with the view of the scattered villages in your background.

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Limassol – Nicosia
Duration: 5 hours
Code: LIM 9

The last divided capital, it’s Cathedral, archeological museum and well-known city points such as “Laiki Yitonia” are the focus of this excursion; a condense and meaningful encounter with the Cypriot capital.

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