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shore tours that involve medium, moderated activity. Ideal for active cruise passengers who wish to see the most important of each cruise destination
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Ephesus Ancient City, Terrace House, Temple of Artemis
Duration: 5.5 hours
Code: IZM 4

this shore excursion takes you back thousands of years with a walk through the extremely well preserved, Ancient city of Ephesus and the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. In addition you shall enjoy a guided tour into the houses of the richest citizens of Ephesus the so called Terrace Houses.

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Ephesus Ancient City, Terrace House
Duration: 5 hours
Code: IZM 5

if you want to focus on Ephesus and discover everything about this glorious ancient city including a visit dedicated to the Terrace Houses, the home of the wealthiest citizens, this shore tour will satisfy you for sure!

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Ephesus Ancient City, Terrace House, House of Virgin Mary
Duration: 6 hours
Code: IZM 6

This shore excursion is complete ! It takes you not only to the archaeological site of Ephesus including a guided visit of the homes of the rich & famous, the so called "Terrace Houses" but also to the religious highlight of the region, the house of Virgin Mary, believed to be the last home of the Virgin.

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Ephesus Ancient City, Basilica of St. John, Terrace House
Duration: 6 hours
Code: IZM 7

discover everything about Ephesus Ancient city and end your tour at the basilica of Saint John,   built by the Emperor Justinian over the tomb of St. John the Apostle

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Duration: 7 hours
Code: IZM 9

book this regular shore excursion, join the group and enjoy a complete overview of Ephesus archaeological site including a visit to the house of Virgin Mary, which is believed to be the last home of the Virgin, the basillica of St. John and the remains of Artemis Ancient Temple

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TREASURES OF THE PAST Tour from Kalamata to Nestor Palace, Pylos, Methoni Castle
Duration: 6.20 hours
Code: KLM 1

walk through history visiting Nestor's Palace, pass-by Pylos, a charming seaside town of Southern Peloponnese and explore the medieval castle of Methoni. Conclude your tour with a delicious lunch in seaside restaurant offering direct views to the Mediterranean Sea

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Duration: 6 hours
Code: KLM 2

through a spectacular trasnfer of the mountain Taygetos reach the Byzantine Site of Mystras, the best preserved of its kind and one of the most important sites of Greece. Lunch in selected restaurant offering great views and conclude your tour in legendary Sparta

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Tour from Kalamata to Ancient & Modern Messene & the Archadian Gate
Duration: 4.15 hours
Code: KLM 3

book this shore trip and discover the ancient city of Messene, pass-through the Arcadian Gate and enjoy some free time in the charming modern town of Messene

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Kavala-Philippi Tour
Duration: 4 1/2 hours
Code: KAV 1

Visit the magnificent archaeological site of Philippi and discover its glorious history

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Kavala - Tour to Kavala City
Duration: 2 1/2 hours
Code: KAV 2

Discover the city of Kavala; its beautiful corners and its magnificent history, dated from 2000 BC.

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