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This tour is dedicated to a visit at the Great Monastery of Sina or Saint Catherine’s monastery. You will depart from Sharm El Sheikh port and be driven to the monastery which is considered the oldest one of Christianity. It is built over the site that the Old Testament refers to the miracle of the burning bush that appeared to Moses and it is also the place where he received the Ten Commandments. The monastery was firstly founded in the 8th century AC and it is known for the exceptional collection of manuscripts , including Greek and Latin codices. You will also see the declaration of protection of Mohamet to the monastery and also the letter sent by Napoleon who exempted it from taxation . As you walk through the interior , you will see mosaics, handmade icons and hot wax paintings. You will visit the Chapel of the Burning Bush with its altar situated above the roots of the bush and admire the massive wall that surrounds the buildings made of huge granite blocks.

After you sightseeing, you will have lunch to a beach resort and stop to a Bedouins camp for taking pictures. Return to the ship.

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