NY Times: A Greek city among the “52 Places to Go for 2016”

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“Greece’s second-largest city is first in food,” states the respective article. And anyone who has visited Thessaloniki knows that this is totally true!

The resourceful young professionals of this northern Greek city have decided to stand up to the high levels of unemployment in an unusual way: They opened restaurants which take traditional Greek, Slavic and Ottoman flavors and put a twist on them which reflects the modern culinary trends. From restaurants with amateur chefs who focus on local ingredients served at bargain prices to stylish cafes, which reinvents traditional pastries, for example by filling croissants with orange-scented cream, Thessaloniki has a vast option pallet to offer. Encouraged by a vibrant student population and a visionary mayor, Greece’s second-largest city has become a capital of a culinary paradise.

However Thessaloniki is not only a culinary paradise, but also a lively city with much more to explore – from a modern shopping center to various ruins of the ancient and Byzantine era.

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