Full day Shore Excursions - Length Type: Full day

full day shore excursions are considered tours that last approximately 5.5-10 hours. They often include a lunch.
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Glimpse into Bulgarian Village life with lunch
Duration: 5.5 hours
Code: NES 3

if you are the kind of traveller who wants to discover first hand how everyday life of a destination is, this is definetely your shore tour. Follow our guide to the village of Erketch were telephone still is a rare comodity and after your tour sample handmade bread and watch local dances

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Secrets of Pomorie
Duration: 6.5 hours
Code: NES 4

Discover the seaside town of Pomorie and visit the Bulgarian Museum of Salt Production, the monastery of Saint George with its magestic orthodox choir and a Thracian tomb dating back from the ancient times

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Patmos- Tour to The Monastery of St-John & Grotto
Duration: 9 hours
Code: PAT 1

book this tour directly from patmos port and visit the holy monastery of Saint John, built 900 years ago! Continue on and discover the cave of revelation and end your tour with a panoramic island tour

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Port Said

Port Said -Classic Cairo Tour
Duration: 12.5 hours
Code: PSD 1
Port Said - Pyramids and the river Nile Tour
Duration: 12 hours
Code: PSD 2
Port Said -Medieval Cairo Tour
Duration: 14 hours
Code: PSD 3
Port Said-Camel and Jeep Safari Tour
Duration: 13 hours
Code: PSD 4

Port Suez

Port Suez- Classic Cairo Tour
Duration: 10.5 hours
Code: PSZ 1
Suez port-Pyramids and the river Nile Tour
Duration: 12 hours
Code: PSZ 2
Port Suez -Medieval Cairo Tour
Duration: 11 hours
Code: PSZ 3