Top 3 Things To Do in Rome, Florence and Venice

Italy’s beauty can only be described as unmatched. It is the land of mouthwatering Mediterranean meals, heady wines, vast colorful countryside, picturesque villages built into sheer cliffs, and Renaissance paintings and marble sculptures that amaze and inspire.

Let’s discover some of the highlights of Italy and the things one should not miss upon visit.



If you want to explore Italy, the capital city of Rome is a good place to start; a city-milestone for the Western civilization, where the ancient treasures coexist in harmony with the modern coffee bars and Italian restaurants, the so called “trattorias”.

3 things not to miss in Rome:

Walk through Ancient Rome (Colosseum, Rome Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona etc.)

Explore Vatican City (St . Peter’s Baslica, Necropolis, Sistine Chapel etc.)

Browse the cutting-edge fashion boutiques in the “new” Monti



This tiny Italian city is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. Also an Italian fashion center since the 1950s, it is the place of origin of many global brands. Its cuisine, its wines – some of the greatest in the world –, the traditional artisan workshops, let us realize why Firenze remains as popular as top European cities five times its size.

3 things not to miss in Florence:

A tour in Galleria dell’ Academia and to see the famous statue of David, a Michelangelo’s piece of art

Visit of Galleria delgi Uffizi , the old palace of Florence, now a prominent art museum

Walk along Ponte Vecchio, an arch bridge over the Arno River



This Italian city is a fascinating amalgamation of various influences—Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, and Italian—visible in every corner; a labyrinthine network of islands, bridges, pedestrian alleys, and canals that calls you to explore it.

3 things not to miss in Venice

Visit of the Campamnile di San Marco, the bell tower of St. Mark, to enjoy a spectacular view from the top. It's a Venice travel must.

Tour through Ca 'Pesaro, a museum that houses a great collection of modern art

Visit of the Basilica di San Marco, an architectural wonder


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