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Duration: 9 days
Code: 9TT

book this tour in Turkey and get the most of the destination during 9 unforgetable days. Explore best of Istanbul, discover Kusadasi and Ephesus, visit Cappadocia and get to know Pamukkale and the surrounding region.Tour starts and ends in Istanbul.

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Duration: 9 days
Code: 9TT2
Duration: 10 days
Code: 10TT

Choose this tour and enjoy Turkey in every detail. This 10-day tour offers enough time to explore this less-known great country. Follow our guide to a detailed exploration of Istanbul, visit Ephesus, discover seadide Kusadasi, explore exotic Cappadocia and Pamukkale and learn the history and culture of this emerging nation

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Duration: 10 days
Code: 10TT2
Duration: 11 days
Code: 11TT

book this tour in Turkey and profit a complete overview of the main places of interest in the country: have a detailed tour in Istanbul for 3 days, visit mythical Troy and Ayvalik, head to south and to seaside Kusadasi where nearby Ephesus shall amaze you, explore Pamukkale, Konya and Cappadocia.

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Duration: 11 days
Code: 11TT2
Duration: 14 days
Code: 14TT

the grand tour of Turkey includes 14 fascinating days in the highlights as well as in the less known regions of the country. This tour offers a complete and deep overview of Istanbul, two days in cosmopolitan Antalya. We will aslo discover exotic Cappadocia and seaside Kusadasi linking with the most important archaeological site of Tyrkey, Ephesus.

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Duration: 14 days
Code: 14TT2
Duration: 12 days
Code: 12GTT

a perfect combination tour in Greece and Turkey. Spend 6 days in each country and follow our licensed guides to a deep overview of the most important sites, museums and monuments of Greece and Turkey. You will also taste local cuisine and sample the everyday life of Eastern Med.

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Duration: 8 days
Code: THPGR2

This program is dedicated to the younger athletes of tennis who seek an intensive tennis education combined with their holiday, including daily 3 ½ hours of practice, lessons, physical and mental strength sessions. In addition all the travel arrangements such us private transfers from/to the airport, a sightseeing around Thessaloniki, useful tips on the Mediterranean diet (lecture) and a night out in Thessaloniki (last night day before departure) 






Total Tennis
* (high intensity)
At the Total Tennis you will train in small group sessions and share amazing times on the court. The Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre coaches give all the players a level test before the program begins to assign them a training group according to their level of play. You will improve your tennis game enjoying group training according to your level of play that will allow you to learn and compete against other participants.

Learn to Compete** (medium intensity)
This group tennis programme will allow you to train with the Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre coaches by using a complete exercise point system where real tactical situations of competition are created. During the programme you shall work and improve on different aspects of the game: hitting the ball from the baseline, attack, net game, first strokes after serving and receiving… The points earned after each exercise will be reviewed individually by the coaches. In this complete programme you will work specifically on the technical, tactical and mental game. We shall focus on concentration and self-control, that are important aspects in tennis. Coaches will help you maintain a high intensity training, focusing always on the respect towards other players and fair play


1/Hotel (5-star luxury seaside resort SANI)
2/Airport Transfers
3/Half Board (included Breakfasts and Dinners)
4/Spa and Gym package for athletes’/Rehab, detox
5/Rafa Nadal Academy training sessions 17 1|2 hrs total  extended equally in for 5 days ( 8 tennis courts clay)  (total tennis)(learn to compete)
6/Night out Thessaloniki (last night with open bar party)
7/Lecture Mediterranean Diet 
8/Certificate of participation


Also can be included (on request):
Airtickets from country of origin
- this extra charge will depend on the airport of departure

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