Limassol – Kourion, Temple of Apollo, Omodos Village

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Select this Limassol tour for experience full of ancient history, village images and religious monuments.

Enjoy a relaxing drive through the vineyards and orchards of the Phassouri citrus groves, to Kolossi Castle, built by the Crusaders in the 13th century. This well preserved building, stands three stories tall.


The day begins with the first visit to the main historical attraction of this area, the ancient ruins of the city of Kourion, an impressive Greco-Roman site of the remaining of the pavement mosaics, preserved such as the fine four-panel design in the central room at the House of Eustolios. Nearby, is the superb large Greco-Roman theatre built in the 2nd century BC, which is still used today for many performances including ancient dramas. From this beautiful and unspoilt spot perched high on a cliff, we can enjoy the dazzling view of the ruins and the sea below.

Our next stop is at the Temple of Apollo. Apollo, a significant deity of ancient Greek religion, was considered to be the God of light, of sun, of poetry, of music, of the Woodland and the protector of the city of Kourion. The sanctuary of Apollo is the largest and one of the most important religious centres in the Island. It has been continuously used from the late 8th century BC to the second half of the 4th century AD. The Southwest side of the temple has been restored and excavations have also revealed other structures of this important sanctuary such as the bath complex, the pilgrim halls, the “palaistra” and a holy precinct.

The drive takes us to one of the most beautiful and picturesque old villages in Cyprus, Omodhos village, which is still preserved in its original state. The tour offers an exploration to the monastery of the Holly Cross with its excellent wood carving and old icons. Also, see the wine press “Linos” restored in an old house and visit some of the local houses to feel the date of their birth, stroll through the narrow streets and local shops famous for their vitraux and handmade pieces of traditional stained glass.

We can walk in the village square to enjoy the serenity of its surroundings and rest at the coffee shop of the square, to have our refreshments before returning to Limassol port.


-         transportation by air-conditioned vehicle, late-model

(bus, minibus or taxi, according to your group’s size)

-         professional driver

-         insurance cover during transfers by vehicle

-         licensed English-speaking guide * (concerns “with guide” rate only)

-         all taxes

-         identification sign with your name on it

-         mobile contact number for any emergency, available 24/7

* guides in other languages available, upon request


-         entrance fees (paid by you on the spot)

Step 1

Your tour starts from Limassol port

Step 2

Visit of Kolossi Castle and the ancient ruins of the city of Kourion

Step 3

Visit of the Temple of Apollo

Step 4

Visit of Omodhos village, monastery of the Holly Cross and Linos wine press

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