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Mysterious Castle del Monte Tour
Duration: 5 hours
Code: BAR 3

Once set to protect the city from pirates, now assigned as a tourist magnet; any way you look at it, Castle del Monte is a must see.

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White Ostuni Tour
Duration: 5 hours
Code: BAR 4

Sunbathed white houses, stunning views ideal for photos and an encounter with the uncommon cosy Ostuni village…wish more?

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Bari City Tour
Duration: 4 hours
Code: BAR 5

Carved through the dominations and the different eras, Bari, the capital of Apulia is a landmark city offering a deep in history, as well as contemporary lifestyle encounters.

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Charming Alberobello Tour
Duration: 4/5 hours
Code: BAR 6

Peculiar, yet charming, the village of Alberobello, declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site, is an distinguished destination, uncovering history under the veil of the authentic. 

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Bodrum City Tour - Castle of St. Peter - Mausoleum
Duration: 6 hours
Code: BOD 1

visit the most interesting sightseeing points around Bodrum with this shore tour. Enter the Castle which served as a refuge of the Christians, explore the unique museum of underwater archaeology and walk through Halicarnassus Mausoleum and the nearby amphi-theatre

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Bodrum - Tour to the Castle of St. Peter
Duration: 4 hours
Code: BOD 2

if you only have 4 hours at your disposal this is the perfect tour from port. You shall not only visit Saint Peter's Castle, a must-see of the region, but you will have enough time to explore the ship wreck museums housed into the castle and the museum of underwater archaeology

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Bodrum - Tour to Euromos, Didyma and Miletos
Duration: 6.5 approx. hours
Code: BOD 3

This full day shore excursion from Bodrum port includes everything you need to see and know in the area. In addition the tour comes with a delicious lunch of typical Turkish cuisine, inspired of local recipies

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Canakkale – Anzac Cove Tour
Duration: 8 hours
Code: CAN 1

Take the chance to visit the site of the World War I landing of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, the base of the Gallipoli campaign of 1915

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Canakkale – Troy Tour
Duration: 8 hours
Code: CAN 2

Book this shore excursion to explore the Troy archaeological site, location of Homer’s famous Trojan War

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Canakkale – Cultural Tour
Duration: 7 hours
Code: CAN 3

If getting to know Turkish culture is what you search for, this shore excursion is perfect for you. Visit some of the most traditional villages and enjoy the Turkish hospitality

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